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  • Experience the Aurora Spirit! Day-trip from Tromsø - Lyngen Adventure

Experience the Aurora Spirit! Day-trip from Tromsø - Lyngen Adventure

Address: Strandveien 16, 9060 Lyngseidet Show map

Address: Strandveien 16, 9060 Lyngseidet

Spend a day under the Lyngen Alps, visiting AURORA SPIRIT - the most modern and northernmost distillery in the world, eat local food and participate in exciting activities. 

The Lyngen Alps, the fjords and the Arctic wilderness gives an excellent frame for making whisky and other alcohols.

All products are based on local herbs, berries and glacier water. All alcohol products are named Bivrost,The Brand name Bivrost comes from old Norse language, used for the Northern Lights. Bivrost was believed to be a bridge between heaven and earth, guarded by the fierce god Heimdall of Norse mythology. At our spectacular visitor centre you can learn about Bivrost, Norse mythology and about making alcohol under the Northern Lights.

Tour Description:

08.45: Pick-up in Tromsø City Centre (Scandic Ishavshotel)

Transfer through the spectacular Lyngen Alps by bus and a beautiful ferry trip

11.00: Arrival at Lyngen Resort and AuroraSpirit

11.10: Arctic Distillation Experience

12.00: Local food and coffee, possibilities of other activities or just relax in the Arctic surroundings

14.00: Transfer back to Tromsø City Centre

15.45: Arrival Tromsø City Centre

At the Arctic Distillation experience, one of our qualified staff members will guide you through the process of manufacturing various types of spirits such as vodka, aquavit, gin and whisky. You will get a glimpse into the mysterious past of Viking age drinking customs, making moonshine in Northern Norway, and learn about hi-tech alcohol production on top of the world. During this exciting guided tour, you will see, feel and smell Arctic ingredients. The tour includes a complementary tasting glass.

After the tour, you will enjoy a good meal and have the option of attending other activities (*Note: you have to pre-book before departure from Tromsø.):

At 12.00:

- Åroybukt guided NATO base tour

- Outdoor Jacuzzi

- RIB tour on the Lyngen fjord

At 13.00:

- Whisky tasting

- Arctic Axe throwing


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